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Message from CEO

Molecular testing and diagnostics can move towards two directions: one is intricate, high throughput, automated equipment-based solutions providing  diagnostic efficiency, and the other is point-of-care solutions that offer rapid, easy-to-use, equipment-free, low-cost diagnostic tools to individuals. The latter solution can  also meet the needs of on-the-spot testing used in disease control, quarantines and low-resource clinical settings.
Most infectious diseases originate from poor areas where advanced diagnostics are lacking leading to the mismanagement of disease. To deal with this challenge, the WHO stipulates a standard abbreviated as ASSURED - Affordable, Sensitive, Specific, User-friendly, Rapid/Robust, Equipment-free and Deliverable for diagnostic tools suitable for use in developing world and low-resource regions.
After ten years of research and development Ustar biotech has developed a series of patented nucleic acid diagnostic technologies on which two unique isothermal amplification testing platforms are based: the pathogen detection platform and the SNP/mutation detection platform.  The platform-based Ustar isothermal amplification diagnostic kits offer customers remarkable benefits which not only match with the ASSURED standard, but also make point-of-care or on-spot-testing possible in molecular level. Our technologies have drawn the attention of the industrial sector and renowned health organizations including the WHO, PATH and FIND. Ongoing collaborations with these different health and industrial sectors will help ensure the success of Ustar's products in both low and high income areas.
We have also begun developing automated, high throughput devices that will meet the  ASSURED standard.  This will fulfill our goal of making advanced molecular technology work for everyone, everywhere. 

Dr. Qimin You
Founder  & CEO
Ustar Biotechnologies (Hangzhou) Ltd.