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SNPs are thought to be key enablers in realizing the concept of personalized medicine. Variations in the DNA sequences of humans can affect how humans develop diseases and respond to pathogens, chemicals, drugs, vaccines, and other agents.

Genotyping is the process of determining the genes of an individual or a pathogen by examining relevant genetic sequences using molecular tools such as restriction fragment length polymorphism identification (RFLPI) of genomic DNA, random amplified polymorphic detection (RAPD) of genomic DNA, and amplified fragment length polymorphism detection (AFLPD). Pathogen Genotyping may help in getting specific information of the pathogen before proper medical treatment for better results is given.

Ustar Biotechnologies owns a unique SNP/Mutation detection platform based on Allele Specific Polymerase Chain Reaction (AS-PCR) technology and the disposable and contamination-proof DNA amplicon detection device. The platform-based Ustar diagnostic kit is potentially useful as a quick, easy-to-use and low-cost tool for SNP detection and pathogen genotyping

Ustar Biotechnologies sincerely invites collaborations from industrial partners in co-development of rapid and easy-to-use SNP detection or pathogen genotyping kits intended for use in researches and clinics;

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