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Congratulations on Ustar renewed EasyNAT®TB – CPA product registration certificate!
Date : 2017-08-18

    With its rapid, simple, wide applicability and other characteristics, Ustar EasyNAT®TB – CPA has become an irreplaceable molecular diagnostic product in the field of clinical application.

We aim to the market concept of "molecular testing, anywhere". We are innovative in the development of IVD product, and would like to bring the diagnostic products to meet the challenges of the industry at all levels.

    In 2014 Ustar signature product EasyNAT® TB – CPA (Diagnostic Kit for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis(TB)DNA (Isothermal Amplification-Lateral Flow)) went into Chinese and overseas markets. Its convenient operation, new customer experience and good after-sales service mode have taken a solid step in the field of diagnosis.

    2017 is a year of leap. It only took 2 months for Ustar to complete renewing of EasyNAT ® TB - CPA product certificate, and receive the registration certificate in July.


Figure 1: Ustar disposable nucleic acid detection device in EasyNAT® TB – CPA (Diagnostic Kit for MTB DNA)won the 2014 iF product design award in Germany.



Figure 2: Ustar product:EasyNAT® TB – CPA (Diagnostic Kit for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis(TB)DNA (Isothermal Amplification-Lateral Flow))