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Chlamydia trachomatis(CT) Isothermal Amplification Diagnostic Kit
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Product Name: Chlamydia trachomatis(CT) Isothermal Amplification Diagnostic Kit
Target Gene:  

Cross-reactivity with positive samples to other diseases such as Staphylolysin, Hemolytic, K. pneumonia, E.cloacae, E. faecium, A. baumannii, P. cepacia, E. faecalis, E. aerogenes, P. aeruginosa, M. albican, E. coli, N.gonorrhoeae, Herpes simplex virus, M.Urealyticum, Human Papillomavirus andTreponema pallidumwas found to be insignificant.

Sensitivity: Using serial of CT plasmid DNA dilution, the detection limit was found to be less than 103 copies per ml.
User Manual:  
Kit Components:
Component Box I      
Detection Device Packed in individually sealed
aluminum pouch with desiccant.
Store at 2℃ to 30℃ 20 devices
Instruction For Use     1 copy
Component Box II      
Reaction Solution * 10ul / tube store at -20℃ 20 tubes
DNA Extract Solution 1ml / tube store at -20℃ 1 tube
ddH2O, or Double Distilled water 180ul / tube store at -20℃ 1 tube
Positive Control 40ul /t ube store at -20℃ 1 tube
Equipment and material required but not provided:  1.Micropipette and disposable tips.
 2.Heating block, water bath or any isothermal devices.
 6.5-10ml centrifuge tubes.
 7.1.5ml centrifuge tubes, with safe-lock feature.
 8. Normal saline
DNA Extraction:  Kit including DNA extraction solution.
Storage:  Component Box I   Storage at 2℃to 30℃ Component Box II   Storage at -20℃
Expiry :  12 months
Amplification Temp.:  63 ℃
Amplification Time:  60 mins
Interpretation of the results:

1. The Positive Control - two bands should appear one control line and one test line.
2. The Negative Control - ONLY control line should appear.
3. Every sample tested must produce one control line, with or without test-line.

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