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Disposable Nucleic Acid Detection Device
  • Cargo No. : D001 Package : 20 pieces per box Price : 0.0000 USD Quantity : Total price : 0.0000 USD
Product Name:  Disposable Nucleic Acid Detection Device
Principle This disposable nucleic acid detection device is a sealed cross-contamination-proof device for detection of a specific nucleic acid amplified fragment. To prevent contamination the device should not be opened and should be disposed of properly after use.
Target Gene:  
User Manual:  
Kit Components:

20 devices in a box. Each device is packed in individually sealed aluminum pouch with desiccant.(Buffer for testing is provided in a small plasic drop included in each device); IFU

Equipment and material required but not provided: Non
DNA Extraction: NA
Storage: 2℃to 30℃ 
Transport: Ambient temperature
Expiry : 18 months
Amplification Temp.: NA
Interpretation of the results:

1. The Positive Control - two bands should appear -one control line and one test line.
2. The Negative Control - ONLY control line should appear.
3. Every sample tested must produce one control line, with or without test-line.

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