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EasyNAT® Instrument-Free DNA Extraction Device
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Product Name:   EasyNAT® Instrument-Free DNA Extraction Device
Principle   The EasyNAT Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit utilizes a syringe method to extract bacterial DNA from sputum specimens following boiling lysis. The test principle is composed of three steps: a) Bind DNA from lysed specimen in a lysis buffer; b) Wash DNA with an ethanol-containing washing buffer; c) Elute DNA with an elution buffer to get ready-to-use template.
Target Gene:    NA
Intended Use    This DNA extraction device can be used for extracting DNA from sputum specimens for DNA detection using EasyNAT TB testing kit or FQ-PCR. 
Performance   Comparable to brand commercialized DNA extraction kit
User Manual:   Brochure
Kit Components:  



Disposable Nucleic Acid Extraction Device (with 3ml Syringe)

20 pieces


1ml Syringe

20 pieces


Lysis Buffer

15ml x 1 bottle


Wash Buffer

50ml x 1 bottle


Elution Buffer

3ml x 1 bottle


5ml Vial

20 vials


2ml Tube

20 tubes


0.6ml Tube

20 tubes


Equipment and material required but not provided:    Pure ethanol to be used;  No equipment is required.
Storage:   Ambient temprature
Transport:   Ambient temprature
Shelf-life :   12 month
Amplification Temp.:    NA
Amplification Time:    NA
Interpretation of the results:  

 - Extracted DNA can be detected with the disposable DNA detection device in the EasyNAT TB kit;    

 - Compatible to other commercilised PCR TB testing.

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